Dealing With A Car Breakdown – A Comprehensive Guide

Dealing With A Car Breakdown – A Comprehensive Guide

Considering you have a car, you are bound to run into some troubles while driving or otherwise. Out of all the worst possible scenarios, a car breakdown is perhaps every driver’s nightmare. The nature of car breakdowns can range from something being wrong with the tires to some complications in the brakes, batteries, or even filters. In such instances, we at Harris Towing are pleased to guide and help you with our best services

What to do in a car breakdown?

Here are a few guidelines that can help you:

  1. Don’t Panic: ‘Who would’ve thought of that?’ we hear you say while shrugging your shoulders. Unless you try to calm yourself down and restrain your emotions, you won’t be able to think straight. We understand that getting to your destination is important, but you must also understand that panicking and kicking the tire out of frustration isn’t getting you closer to your destination. Hence, relax and get to work!
  2. Go for the widest part: Once you start noticing that there is something wrong with your car, you must be vigilant in trying to take your car to the widest part of the road. It is better that you park on an off-ramp as it would neither disturb the traffic nor make you anxious with all the unnecessary noise from the surroundings. While trying to park on the side, make sure your flashers are on.
  3. Chock the wheels and set up your flares: Once you have parked your car, make sure that you set your flares up. This action will alert the traffic behind you that you are unable to move. The chocking of the wheels is only necessary if there is an inclination on the road that you are traveling on. Otherwise, you can leave it just as that. Also, whether it is to be called a cliché or a traditional symbol of car breakdown, it is pretty clear that if you hold the hood of your vehicle up, people will automatically realize that your car has broken down. Best case scenario: someone will come and help you!
  4. Identify the problem and its solution: Once you have identified what has been bothering you, the next step will be to see if you’re capable of solving it or not. If you’re not, then you must try to find your nearest repair facility and get in contact with them. You must explain your situation in detail so that the mechanic can come with suitable equipment to either repair it on the highway or take it to the workshop. Won’t it be a relief if someone would come to help you? At Harris Towing, we are the solution you are looking for!
  5. Have your car towed to the nearest repair shop: If the problem is complex and can’t be fixed without the help of professionals, it is better to locate the nearest repair shop. Explain your situation and have your car towed to the workshop for repair. Some repair shops offer emergency towing services to offer roadside assistance.
  6. Get in contact with your insurance company: If you already have car insurance, then make sure you get at least your financial worries covered. If you don’t have it already, the bill will certainly propel you to do it!

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